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Klosters is a ski resort that has received world recognition after being deemed the favorite ski resort of Charles, Prince of Wales. Subsequently, one cable car to the top of Gotschnagrat is named the “Prince of Whales.” In addition to skiing, Klosters is also a popular area for hiking and tobogganing.

Map of chalets in Klosters


The Slopes

A cable car from the railway station in Platz takes you to the Gotschnagrat end of the Parsenn area shared with Davos. The Kolsters/Davos ski-pass gives access to 310 km of spectacular runs that are serviced by an extensive lift system. One of the favorite runs is the descent from the Weissfluh to Kublis in the Gotschna/Parsenn area.


There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from for evening entertainment. Gaudy’s umbrella bar at the foot of the slopes is the focal point at the end of the day. In the village, the Chesa Grischuna has a pianist. Bär’s at Piz Buin opened last season and is popular all day long. The Casa Antica is a small disco club.


For a long time Klosters has been associated with international jetsetters, film stars and royalty. Despite this reputation, it still remains a typical, friendly and charming Swiss village where the locals and visitors happily intermingle. Apart from skiing, Klosters offers skating, curling, ice hockey, swimming, tennis, squash and nearly 32 km of walking and hiking paths.

History and Culture

Section 1 – Healing virtues

Settlement of the Klosters/Davos area began in the High Middle Ages with the immigration of Rhaeto-Romans. Beginning in the 19th century, the area became a popular destination for the ill because the microclimate in the high valley was deemed excellent by many doctors. It was highly recommended for healing for lung disease patients.

Section 2 – Klosters goes with the winter sports’ flow

The early 1900’s marked the natural ice era of winter sports and speed skating was common here. It increased in popularity and quickly became a famous tourist destination by the 1980’s, after many famous faces came back time and time again.

Things to do

Davos Sounds Good

Klosters becomes “The New Orleans of the Alps” each July during the jazz festival. Bands perform at unusual venues all over Klosters, from mountain restaurants to trains and museums. You can hear a variety of musical styles which include traditional jazz, blues, swing, R&B, spirituals and hymns.



Swissalpine Davos

The hardest alpine ultramarathon in the world is held every July and attracts spectactors from all over the world. Whether you choose to participate in one of the smaller races (half marathon and quarter marathon) or sit back and watch any of the eight competitions, it’s a unique event.



Art on Ice

Held every February, this world famous show is sure to enchant with the unique combination of standard figure skating, live performances of international music stars, acrobatics, lights shows and choreographic effects.



Places to see

Kirchner Museum

Works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the German expressionist, are on display at this fine art museum. There is also an interactive exhibit where kids can create artwork and learn about aspects of art.



Vaillant Arena

It is primarily used for ice hockey but even if you do not go to see a game, the beautiful architecture alone makes a trip to the arena worthwhile.




Known as the the main part of Klosters, Zentrum is the area with the largest hotel, a shopping center and famous Parish church that was refurbished in 1921.

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